60th Anniversary Capital Campaign

As University of Guam celebrates its 60th anniversary, we are pleased to unveil our five-year capital fundraising campaign – “Celebrating the Triton Spirit” – with a fundraising goal of $30 million by 2017.

To successfully compete in a rapidly changing global economy, the University of Guam must be able to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for our students. By providing funding for needed facilities, you help create an enhanced campus life that will instill pride in our community and region.

The benefits of new and well-maintained facilities include providing a space for our students to strive for excellence and for our faculty to conduct world-class research.

The 60th Anniversary offers a unique opportunity for the University to expand in order to meet the growth needs of our student population. As the University of Guam academic programs receive recognition from specific accreditation bodies and as community confidence in the University continues to grow, it is anticipated that the current facilities will need to expand to meet increased demand and to create environments that are conducive to learning and research.

The 60th Anniversary Capital Campaign will focus on building an endowment fund to support the financing of facility priorities as identified in the UOG Physical Master Plan. The master plan addresses the current and future facility needs of the University.

We ask for your support to help foster a nurturing learning environment so that we may continue to provide the leadership and talent that sustains our Western Pacific region.

Triton Developers

60-Hour Club

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